04Aug 2016
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When it comes to hiring reliable removal services Catford, the process can be quite daunting to those who have never moved home before. The process can be slightly confusing, but, at the end, it means you will have found the best and most efficient service. Below is a general guide which will help you to find and determine a local removal firm in order that you can have the most efficient home removals possible.

moving home

When considering which reliable removal service to hire in Catford, most people start by asking friends and family if they know of any particularly good and dependable firms. Doing this can quickly furnish you with a number of firms which come highly recommended and will allow you to filter out any firms which are not as highly regarded by those you have spoken to.

search online

The second option for finding the names and contact details for SE6 removal services is to look at local business directories, in local classified ads and by searching online to see any local companies which may be able to help. When searching, it will become apparent later how important it is to have a wide variety of possible companies to call, so make sure to find as many viable solutions as possible. In a local business directory, removal services will likely be grouped together allowing you to easily access the relevant information. A search online, such as ‘reliable removal services Catford’ can present you with another good amount of options. Thirdly, consider going out into the local area and look for recent local advertising which may not have a web presence or be listed in local directories.

get moving quotes

Once you have a number of contact details available, it is time for the most important part of the process. Call the companies on your list and ask them for a quote for the removal services in Catford you wish for them to provide. At this stage, it is important to give as much information as possible to the removals service, as this increases the likelihood of being given a more reliable quote which is easy to compare with other services. The kinds of information you should offer are: the date and time at which you wish to move, to ensure that they will be free on the day; the locations which you wish to move, both to and from, allowing the company to get a handle on the travel time required; the amount of possessions you will need transporting, as this could dictate the type of transport and the size of the removals team required; lastly, inform them of any specialist items which may be more difficult to move and present them with a challenge, such as fish tanks, large appliances, large mirrors or pianos and musical instruments. Once you have given them this information, they will tell you how much they expect this move will cost.

select a removal company

Once you have been given a large number of quotes, it is now the time to make the decision. Due to having such a larger amount of information and quotes available, you will be able to make an informed decisions with regards to pricing averages, services offered and recommendations of friends. If, as happens sometimes, you have found the perfect match in terms of a reliable removal service, but the price is not quite as agreeable as some other companies, it could be worth calling your preferred choice and offering them the chance to match or come close to the other quote price. Whilst this may not always work, it will help you to find the best firm for you.

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