28Jan 2016

movin in togetherYou meet someone, fall in love and date for a while. Moving in together seems like the next logical step. The question is when is the right time to do it? When it comes to this major decision there are no set up rules. Some people need to be together for years before deciding to share a living area. For others, it may take less. Although the amount of time you’ve been together is crucial, it is not the only important aspect when considering relocation.  The last thing you want is to move in together for all the wrong reasons. If the thought of getting a place together is buzzing in your mind for a while, here are some telltale signs that you are ready to move in with your partner.

1.You Want To Move Together, You Don’t Have To

Moving in together out of convenience or for the sake of your finances is never a good idea. On the contrary, you are probably making a huge mistake. Splitting costs and paying lower rent are perks of having a place together, but not enough of a reason for relocation.  Merging your lives and sharing a space will be a challenge. Be sure that you move in together because you want to come home and see this person’s face, not because it makes sense financially.

moving couple

2. You  Are On

The Same  Page

You need to know that you and your partner want the same thing from your relationship. Maybe you want to move in together, but your partner is not ready.  This is not the only aspect you need to clear out.  You can discuss what it means to you this big step. Of course, none of you knows how the relationship will develop in time, but at least you need to have similar expectations.

moving house

3. You’ve Seen Each Other At Your Worst

The fact that your boyfriend will see you without make-up is not the worst part of moving in with your partner. Sharing a living space together is a break-or-make moment for many relationships.  The reason is that you really get to know your partner, including the negative side. Before moving house, you should know how each one of you looks when angry, stressed, frustrated or sad. Most importantly, you need to be sure that you can handle the personality traits of the other. Otherwise, your life together will turn into a nightmare.

couple quarrelling

4. Your Know Each Other Habits and You Accept Them

Prepare to have some of the illusions about your partner torn apart.  When you are only seeing your partner occasionally, you don’t have the opportunity to spot some habits. For example, your significant other may be extremely messy and leave clothes all over the place. Or maybe you like to go to bed early, but your partner is more of a night owl. Although you cannot get to know someone completely before you start living together, you should be willing to make compromises and accept each other’s weird habits.

bad habits

5. You  Survived a Vacation Together

Having a vacation together is a great test run. If you can survive it with few or no arguments, then you probably can share a home.  The real challenge for every relationship is working through the issues. If you can’t resolve fights easily , then you should probably reconsider the relocation.

vacation together

6. You Are Clear About Your Finances

Last, but certainly not least, you need to talk about finances. This is not the most romantic part of your relationship, but it is important. Since you are going to split your rent and other costs like grocery shopping and utility bills, then you should know if your partner is financially reliable. You should consider your own situation as well.

managing finances

Moving in with a partner means that you should be more conscious about your budget.

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