17Aug 2016

moving with cats

Cats are usually not big fans of house moving. They bond strongly with one territory and can feel vulnerable when they are away from the place they already know. That is why you need to plan ahead very carefully and organise every step of your move in order to reduce the stress for you and your favourite pet. Here you can find some useful ways to ensure that your cat will feel comfortable in the new home.

moving home with pets

1)    Find a safe place where you can leave the cat while you are dealing with the move

There will be too many boxes that you need to take care of. You won’t have enough time to pay special attention to your cat. That is why you need to find a safe place for it where it can stay while you organise your home removal. Before the removal van arrives, you can place the cat in a room with a sofa or a bed. The pet will get used to the furniture so that it will have an item that it is familiar with in the new home.

packing cat toys

Keep in mind that there will be more people in your house than usual. Your cat might get frustrated with all of the people around especially if you’ve hired a man with a van. The presence of the movers can make your cat feel insecure. It is a good idea to leave it in a specific room so that it will feel more comfortable. If you are worried that someone might enter the room and leave the door open, you can pop a sign on the door so that everyone who is involved in the moving process will know that the door should be always closed.

2)    Don’t forget to pack your pet’s favourite toys and items

Your cat probably has a favourite toy that it usually likes to play with. Don’t forget to pack it and load it in the moving van. House relocation can be made so much easier for the pet if it has its favourite toys in the new house.

make your cat comfortable

3)    Make your cat feel at home

Moving home can be really stressful for your cat. You need to make sure that it will start feeling more comfortable in the new place. You can keep it locked in one room at the beginning. That way it won’t run away. Place lots of its favourite items in the room. You can also leave some of your clothes that smell of you and your previous home. Keep the doors and windows closed in the beginning.

Food can also make your cat feel more relaxed and secure in the new place. By giving your cat small regular meals you will show it that everything is fine and there is nothing it has to worry about.

unpack one room at a time

4)    One room at a time

You need to be very patient with your cat. It will take some time in order for it to feel relaxed and comfortable in the new house. Don’t rush things. Introduce one room at a time. It will help your pet settle in. It needs some time to get used to the new territory.

house removals with cats

Moving house with your cat can be rather challenging. You need to pay special attention to your pet so that it feels happy during the house removal. As you can see, there are some things you can do in order to make it feel relaxed in the new home. Before the man and van arrive, make sure you’ve prepared one room where the cat will be secured. Also remember to pack its favourite items and toys in the van. When in your new home, make slow and careful introductions to the new area. You need to help your cat. Moving home can be a very traumatic experience for it. It might take up to a couple of weeks for the pet to feel the place like a home.

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