16Apr 2015

house removal costs

Home removals to Fulham can be costly: fact. They are expensive because there are lot of logistics required to carry it out properly. From packing to transportation, it can cost you a pretty buck if you don’t pay much attention to it. However, there is a lot you can do on your own to minimize the costs and save some precious money. It will take proper planning, some research work and a lot of effort on your part; however, it is worth it, considering that you could save more than half of what you can be expected to pay for a simple house removal.

First, let’s consider where you will be spending most of your money at. There are three major expenses you will incur during any moving exercise to Fulham, SW6: packing material and boxes, hired help for handling of your belongings, and transportation. You need the packing material to pack all your stuff safely so that it doesn’t get damaged during the move. The hired help will be needed for handling and lifting your possessions. The transportation will be needed for getting your things across to the destination. You can save money in all three departments, by just putting in a little extra effort.

removal boxes

Let’s start with packing. It is important to pack all your belongings during relocation for two major reasons: one, to prevent any damage and two, ease of access.  The most common packing equipment used during home removal is removal boxes. You can buy removal boxes or hire them from a company that deals in such things. If you want to cut costs, you can use old cardboard boxes folded up in the garage or the attic (the boxes that all the electronic appliances and all delivery items came in) to pack your things. You can also make your own packing boxes using left over cardboard, plywood, etc. in the garage. For protective layers (for breakable items), you can use pillows, curtains, duvet covers and bed sheets. Newspaper stuffing is a great alternative to bubble wrap.

packing materials

Once all the packing is done and all the boxes are ready to move, you are faced with another uphill task: lifting these boxes and loading them onto the truck. If you have good friends, colleagues and neighbours who you might have helped in the past, this would be a good time for them to return the favour. Give them ample warning and request them to come help you out. If there are enough people willing to help out, it will be nothing more than a breeze and you will save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on labour costs.

moving home

Transportation is inevitable and you have to hire a moving truck or a van. Make sure you survey the market and pick a company operating in the SW10 area that is reliable and offers the service at reasonable prices. Move around the house and count all the boxes that will need to be loaded and hire only a vehicle that is big enough to carry your belongings. Buying a bigger vehicle (than you need) means wastage of money while a smaller truck might have to make two trips.

moving van hire

While you can save some precious money by making an extra effort in all these departments, there is another way of making sure that you do not spend anything more than that is reasonable: by hiring a home removal firm that provides you an all inclusive package for the removal to Fulham. This means that firm you hire is going to pack, handle and transport you goods from one place to another for a fixed price. This will be considerable less than what you would end up paying if you tried paying for all three departments individually.

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