08Jun 2015

packing for a move

Packing is an element of moving, so it cannot, by any means, be ignored. Packing must be done efficiently unless you want your belongings to risk getting harmed and damaged during the journey to South Kensington. How do you pack efficiently, you ask? Well, with a few easy hints and tips, you can pack like a pro in minutes. So make sure you take the time to read through these and get ready for a perfect packing for your removals. Moving house is not easy and it does indeed take a lot of hard work and motivation. Keep at it and your move will be better than ever.

1.    Tidy up
Start off by clearing out your home and seeing what you need and what you no longer need. Has that old pair of jeans been sitting in your wardrobe for years, unworn? Have those DVDs and books on your shelves just been collecting dust over the years? Get rid of anything you no longer need and either sell it, give it away to friends, or donate it to a charity shop. Now you are ready to start the packing process for your move to South Kensington, SW7.

tidy up
2.    Packing supplies
Of course, you can’t start packing without your packing materials, so make sure you get all the essentials like hardwearing boxes, bubble wrap, tape, labels, cellophane, etc. You can also use old socks and materials to pad out your more fragile items.

packing supplies
3.    Make a plan
A moving checklist is always useful when you move but how about making one more specific to packing? Write down categories of the things you will be taking with you to the SW7 region and then you can pack according to rooms. Then, as each room is packed up, you can tick it off the list and start with the next room. Just an idea.

moving checklists
4.    Heavy items at the bottom
Make sure you place the heavy things at the bottom and the lighter things at the top, to prevent anything from getting squashed.  

packing boxes

5.    Pad out your fragile items
You will most likely be taking fragile items with you, like vases, glasses, and ornaments etc. So they will need to be packed properly unless you want to risk them getting broken. You need to pad out fragile items as much as you can. Using things like newspaper, bubble wrap, old socks and other materials, make sure everything is wrapped really well. Sandwich certain items between other items to prevent any damages.

packing materials
6.    Don’t overfill
Lots of people make the same mistake: overfilling boxes. Once you lift it up, the box breaks and all of its contents fall out and often break. So make sure you pack boxes so that they are filled up well but not too heavy. Keep checking the weight as you pack, to make sure it is stable. Use your logic to determine whether the amount of weight in the box will hold.

packing services
7.    Don’t forget to label
Another mistake people make is forgetting to label up their boxes. And this drains you of so much time at the other end of your relocation to South Kensington. When you get to your new home, you have lots of blank boxes and you don’t have a clue where to put them. It only take a few minutes to label, so don’t forget it! It will also make it easier for the movers.

labelling boxes
Follow the above steps on packing and your home removals to SW7 will be easier than ever. Moving house is much easier when you have packed well. At least you know your precious possessions will arrive at your destination safe and sound.

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