13May 2015

self storage services

Self storage services can be a great way to reduce the amount of things to be moved to your new house in Marylebone and also help de-clutter your existing house. Not only helpful during the removals, they also find their use to just store your extra equipment for which you may not have space at your home. Read on to learn more.

The Removal Company: Generally, if you are seeking storage services during the removal to tyhe W1 district, most of the relocation firms offer you this facility and the movers help move the contents to the self storage unit without you having to make additional rounds to the storage facility. And if the relocation firm does not offer you such services, you can always opt for a man and van service to get your things to the storage section.

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Great Advantages: The storage services are great in the sense that they let you access their services without having to wait. If you want to keep some of your stuff in the storage in Marylebone only until the completion of the removal, there are many moving companies in London that let you lease the storage unit for a short term. There is no long-term contract binding you to the company. You can access the storage facility 24 hours a day, all days of the week. Since the lock to the unit is your own, the only person having access to the storage would be you, giving you complete privacy. You can choose a storage service to fit your needs.

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Security Details: Storage services offered by removal firms across London and other parts of the UK give you utmost security and use devises like security alarms, electric fence, CCTV cameras so that you can breathe a sigh of relief and don’t have to worry about any potential harm to your stored goods. Also, your arrival and departure time to and from the storage unit in W1 is recorded for any future references.

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Enhanced Services: Some self storage units in the NW1 area are generous enough to provide discounts to senior/ military members. If you can afford a well-equipped storage unit, you would also be able to avail of some services like a 24-hour service centre that solves any dilemma that you may face. No deposit is required as such except the monthly fees that you pay for the unit until the time you plan to rent it. These companies are often very considerate of their clients’ requirements and carry out routine pest control check-ups to save your goods from any potential harm. They also provide assistance when you decide to relocate to a different town.

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Added Services: There are some storage services in Marylebone that provide their customers fully computerized access that offers a greater deal of privacy. Also, storage services that are climatically controlled are available which save your property from unnecessarily hot or cold conditions. There’s more. Facilities like large elevators and loading/unloading bays protect you from rain and storms and let you move everything into storage peacefully. There are moving companies that provide you with trolleys to carry your things or better, you could just drive right up to your storage facility. These services ensure safety of your property and often give you a few added extras like Wi-Fi access in some cases. There are options to load boats but these are generally available with larger companies. Some even offer you the facility to deliver goods to your storage facility.

Those user-friendly benefits make self storage services a heaven for all your extra goods. You might want to check up on the best storage facilities around your locality and choose the one that offers you the services that match your needs.

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