30Mar 2015

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Moving to Chiswick can be very expensive which is usually the last thing you want after putting down a hefty deposit and having to buy new items for your space. If you are moving to or from a furnished accommodation and you don’t have a great deal of heavy lifting, then there is no need for you to hire an expensive removal company or a man with a van. It is possible to move all your stuff quickly and inexpensively.

-    Give yourself at least a day. If you are moving things yourself then you really need a bit more time. Start as early as you can to get things moved over and expect a whole day of going back and forth. You don’t want to end up rushing your relocation to Chiswick, W4 at the last minute, so make sure you plan ahead and wake up early. Put together a moving checklist so that you can keep up with your progress along the way.

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-    Talk to friends and family. Having a bit of free help will obviously make the work that much lighter. See if you can offer anything for the extra hands, buying a few drinks or pizza will still be less than hiring professionals to help you move. If you have a friend with a car then offer to pay the petrol as this will really help you and you could end up getting things done in one or two trips.

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-    Think about transport. It is possible that you can go back and forth via public transport but you will need to take a few things into consideration. If your new place is in walking distance then use a wheelie case or shopping cart. You can reuse these items once you have dropped one load off. Traveling by tube or bus can be stressful with a lot of bags so make sure you take only what you find easy to carry. Don’t load anything up so much that you find it hard to lift. Watch your timings, you don’t want to end up in rush hour with loads of bags. Get things ready in the morning but start to move your items when the early morning rush has died down.

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-    Pack right. Make sure everything is securely packed and easy to transport. You don’t want bags breaking halfway along your journey or awkward items causing you to stop and adjust your grip every five minutes. Anything with wheels is a bonus and anything thing you can throw over your shoulder. Big shopping bags are perfect to throw things in and then tip out at the other end, ready to return for another trip. Remember if you want things to move quickly then worry about the clean up job at the end, the most important thing is getting your stuff out of your old place which you may have time limit on for when the landlord needs it back.

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-    Take little breaks. Don’t for get to stop and drink water, make sure you are taking care of yourself. Moving can be tough on the body so keep hydrated and make sure you stop to have a snack every now and then. Boxes and heavy items can easily bump and bruise you so it is always better to take more trips in order to carry lighter loads.

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-    Consider cheap removals. If you are finding it too much then look into cheaper house movers operating in Chiswick or hiring a van yourself. If you do most of the lifting yourself then it will bring the cost down.

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