04Aug 2016

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In our modern age, many of us own more than one vehicle, which can be tricky to transport when moving house. Of course, you can drive one car, but if you have others or motorbikes, you may need a special removal service to pick up and deliver the vehicle. This is particularly relevant if you’re moving overseas and therefore can’t make multiple trips to and from your old house to collect them. Here are some tips for transporting your vehicles when you’re moving house, whether you’re staying in the same country or relating abroad.

Phone a friend

The first, simplest and cheapest plan when moving multiple vehicles to a new home is to either ask your partner, friend or family members to drive the other vehicle(s). This isn’t as easy as it sounds though. You’ll need to organise adequate insurance cover for the time they’ll be driving it, otherwise, they’ll be driving it illegally. It’s usually easier to do this by calling up the insurance company, as speaking to a human being rather than typing your details in on a computer is more likely to get you the cheapest and more accurate deal. Getting your associate added to your policy shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive, as long as they have a clean license.

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Vehicle removal service

Most removal companies will offer a vehicle removal service where the movers will pick up and drop off your car, motorbike or even bi-plane – if you’re lucky - to your new house. Many of these removal services will do this for both domestic moves, and international ones. It’s wise to go with a well-established removal company, rather than a man with a van for vehicle removals because they’re incredibly heavy and valuable. Therefore, going with experienced movers when it comes to securing the vehicle and keeping it safe could prevent you from having a negative experience. You also have to keep in mind that you’ll need to entrust the movers with a set of your vehicle’s keys in order for them to drive it on and off the removal van.

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Preparing the vehicle

Both in terms of safety and your own peace of mind, it’s sensible to remove all items from the car before it’s loaded onto the removal van. Take out any items from the glove box or boot, check the doors for loose belongings, and remove the car seats. This means that in the unfortunate event that anything does happen to your vehicle in transit, you’ll have all your personal items to hand.

prepare the car


Most removal companies offer movers insurance as part of their package when moving your items and it’s sensible to accept this. If not, if anything does happen to your belongings, you may not be covered and will therefore not only potentially have to deal with broken or damaged items, you won’t receive the money to repair them, or buy new ones. If for whatever reason you’re adverse to purchasing movers insurance, you’ll need to call up your contents insurance and vehicle insurance companies to ensure you’re covered while in transit.

car insurance policy
If you do accept movers insurance while moving your vehicle, make sure you’re allowed to read over and keep hold of a hard copy of the policy before you move. This not only shows transparency in the removal company’s dealings, thus making them more trustworthy, it also provides you with proof that you’re covered should anything happen to your vehicle. Read over it thoroughly, careful to focus on any small print in order to prevent you from being misled.

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