01Oct 2015

Things to Know Before Moving to London

Removals to London

If you have never lived in London, then moving there should be very intimidating. It is a huge city, UK’s metropolis, with tens of districts offering numerous options for everybody. Relocation there means saying goodbye to simple life and ending up in an area that will require of you to grow professionally while surrounded by different professionals, a variety of ethnicities, and literally everything else that the market can offer you. If you are still not scared enough to be put off by that choice of home, then here is what you need to know about moving house there to make the relocation as seamless as possible.

• London has lots of areas
The sheer amount of boroughs and districts that London has can leave you speechless, and even more dumbfounded when you realise that most of them offer a different lifestyle. The best way to separate London is by the compass divide – West, South, North, and East London, and further add the South West, South East, North West and North East areas. You can research on the internet what each of these locations offers and make your choice from there. And do be careful – the last thing you want is moving home in a place that does not fit your lifestyle at all.

Notting Hill Carnival

• London has lots of tourists
One of the first things people notice after their moving van drops them off at their new house and they start exploring the city is that London has A LOT of tourists. In fact, tourists on high streets are so many, that you can rarely stop somebody and ask him or her for directions since they might very well be just another tourist. Try to figure out how to filter the tourists, or you can even try and blend with them. Experiencing the city as a tourist will help you understand it better and learn more about it. Of course, you should learn about your own area first, and learn everything you can to ease your experience there.

London Tourists

• You might feel alone and out of place
If you moved alone to London, at first you might feel loneliness hammering at your door. The first few days will be difficult while you acclimatise with the new setting and the people there. But don’t lose determination – you decided to move here for a reason and you should focus on that reason and draw motivation from there.

• You will use public transport
If you don’t have a car, then public transport is a must. London is a huge city and absolutely requires you to use at least the London Underground if you want to explore the whole of it. You will need to learn about all the transportation links and see where any station might take you so that you have the same freedom of movement as any other Londoner.

London Underground

• You will need to socialise
Do not be secluded, at least not at the start. You will need other people to help you acclimatise to the city and its areas, so go around the town, visit the pubs, see what the people are like and do try to make friends. Start small with asking directions or about certain areas, then proceed with commenting on sports matches in pubs – this always gets attention. Londoners are not as stuck up as most people think, so see what they can offer you in the way of company.


If you feel educated enough about London, then proceed with the moving checklist and start packing. Once the removal van comes to your door, then you need to be ready to face your new life head on. You can change your mind before the movers start loading, but after that that aforementioned new chapter starts knocking at your door and you should prepare for it as best you can.

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