28Jun 2016

Why You Should Downsizing Before a Move

House Moving

Before moving house, it is always a good idea to downsize in order to have a better moving experience. Here are all the reasons why you should do it and how you should do it properly.

Why bother with Downsizing?

•    Less time packing
•    Less money spent on supplies
•    Less stress when moving
•    Less effort when cleaning


1.    Keep: What you really need are the essentials. Be ruthless when deciding on what you don’t need and take care of it properly. Here is what to keep:

o    Daily used clothes
o    Cutlery and utensils
o    Owned furniture
o    Books and entertainment consoles
o    Used electronics

2.    Sell: You can sell things you don’t consider essential. Use Amazon, eBay, garage sales, and flea markets to get rid of as many things you can:

o    Rarely / Not used clothes
o    Old furniture you don’t need
o    Books you don’t want
o    Board and video games
o    Old appliances

3.    Give Away: Just because you cannot sell everything doesn’t mean that you have to throw the rest away. There are many charities that will take items gladly:

o    Old clothes
o    Old cutlery and utensils
o    Old appliances
o    Toys and games

4.    Discard: And then these are the things that you don’t need, cannot be sold, and nobody else wants. Those should find their way to the rubbish bin:

o    Broken toys and appliances
o    Broken or old cutlery
o    Newspapers, old mail, magazines
o    Outdated documents

General Tips On Downsizing

•    If you are unsure whether you will need a document, store it somewhere safe and make a copy just in case.
•    Storage boxes and crate hires might help with the move if you use them wisely – use them only for essentials.
•    De-clutter one room at a time and organise everything you will keep or throw away – order helps a lot.
•    If you haven’t decided what to do with a certain item, label it and come back to it later, when you have a clearer view.

Make use of these tips and you will have a great time moving home. You will save a lot of money as the things you will need will drop from a full team for house removals to a simple man and van. Good downsizing will help you organise your belongings better and you might also find something you didn’t even know was missing. Plan well, be ruthless and you will see the difference between the move you expected and the move you will get.

Downsizing can be a real saviour when waiting for the moving day to come. If you are moving out of a flat and you don’t have anything bigger than a box of clothes to move, you could even do without house movers, but rather use storage services. Or simply get a van rental and do the move yourself.

There are only too many things that will make your life and your move easier and it takes only a little bit of effort. After that whatever happens during the relocation, you can be sure that it will go without any stress and anxiety. Now enjoy your seamless transition!

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