13Nov 2020

Brexit: Moving to the UK

moving house before Brexit
The British exit from the European Union is definitely going to affect Britain’s economy, immigration policy and the flow of foreigners wanting to move to the UK. This process will probably take years to be completed but the results will be felt much sooner.

Moving to the UK before Brexit:

Before Brexit moving to the UK was a dream come true for lots of Europeans. England was an amazing country that offered good job opportunities and a nice place to live. Here is what you would normally need to move to the UK:

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1) Knowing what you are looking for

The UK could be a jungle for those who have no idea what they are looking for. You need to have a clear idea of the reason for your house removal. Are you looking for a specific job? Are you looking for a house in a nice and not so expensive neighbourhood? You need to know why you are moving to England. It will be a lot easier for you.

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2) Knowing basic English

Knowing English is crucial if you want to find a well-paid job or even if you get lost and want to ask about the right direction. You can’t go to a country without knowing the basics of its official language. You don’t have to be a fluent speaker. However, you need to be able to take part in a casual chat at least.

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3) Choosing the best location for you

It is also connected with the idea that you should know exactly what you are looking for. England is a big country. You may consider going to the capital city – London. However, you need to keep in mind that the competition for jobs is extremely high there. If you haven’t found a job yet, going to a less popular area may be more beneficial to you. Not to mention that there you can practice your English while speaking to native speakers.

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4) Having a start budget

You need to have some money when planning a home removal to the UK. You need to plan in advance how much money you will need to live there at the beginning. Keep in mind that during the first month you may be unemployed. If you find proper accommodation, you may need to pay some money in advance. That’s why you should always have money and be prepared for a rough start.

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5) Finding accommodation

As we already mentioned, you need to make a decision on whether you are going to live in London or not. If you’ve already decided, then you have two options for finding the right accommodation. The first one is through direct search. You can buy newspapers and look at the adverts there. You can also visit some websites or forums. There you can find lots of useful information on house moving. This is also a great way to find reliable moving company and contact professional movers. The good thing of direct search is that you don’t have to pay fees to an agency. However, you need to be very careful and avoid getting scammed by the landlords or the movers.

The second way is by hiring a real estate agent. It will certainly be safer for you. However, you need to pay fees and provide more documentation.

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6) Finding a good job

You need to be patient. Finding a job can take some time. You need to do your best in searching and soon you will find the right job. There are plenty of opportunities in the UK. There are lots of non-specialised jobs that most of the young people go for. They are also good for your start in the new place. You can work as a waiter/waitress, hotel receptionist, receptionist in a restaurant or sales assistant. There are also specialised jobs. If you are into IT you can try to find a job in this industry. To get a specialised job you need to know English quite well.

removals after Brexit
Moving to the UK after Brexit:

The Brexit process will take years to be completed. However, the decision of leaving the European Union will lead to severe changes in Britain’s regulations and restrictions. Moving to Britain will no longer be so easy. It will be much harder even for the people that have already moved to England. Britain’s immigration policy will be changed. This will influence the whole economy. Most of the people are relocating to the UK in search of a better job and better life. Brexit can seriously stand in their way. Things will certainly change. Moving to England and finding a job will not be as easy as it was till now. We just need to wait and see the results of Brexit.

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