17Nov 2020

Reliable Ways to Make Moving House Easy

moving house

Moving house is something that we all have to encounter at one part of our life when it comes to us. Some of us move locally, and some of us move internationally however regardless, the process is very similar. We think of hiring a removal company to help us with our house move, something that enables us to be able to free up our time when it comes down to sorting out everything else that we need to, to be prepared for the actual moving date. We have taken the liberty to be able to share a few important and necessary tips that are essential when it comes down to your move:

moving checklist
•    Create a moving checklist. It’s so tempting to be able to be borderline arrogant and think that we have it all under control when it comes to packing object A into box B to put into room C, however when it comes down to crunch time, more than often and due to nerves and worry, we tend to forget the big things, never mind the little things. Plus moving companies also ask for these checklists to be able to help you settle all your belongings in the right place. You don’t want your sofa being put into room D when it was supposed to be going into room E, and having the hassle of calling with movers again to do it for you, because it’s too heavy or complex to lift by yourself.

removals budget
•    Establish your budget. House moves are typically quote costly not only because of all the new rent that you may be paying in front, not to mention estate agent and lawyers’ fees coming down to termination rates when you may be having to end a contract early and you get charged. When you bear that in mind, set a couple hundred pounds aside to see which company can fit into your budget and aim for a cheap removals company. When you’ve already spent enough and you can find an affordable company that is able to provide you with outstanding service however on a budget, there is absolutely no need to pay £700 when you can pay £400!

house moving services
•    When you call the removals company up for a quote, always inquire if their quotation is inclusive of VAT or not. With large, professional companies not always including the tax in the final bill, as a mover; do not be shocked when it comes to looking at the bill and not already being told by the company that the VAT was not already added. It’s best to ask in the beginning and if £400 is what you can afford, then you must make sure that without VAT, your budget is looking at around the £300-320 mark. It saves you time and energy knowing what you can afford, rather than just aimlessly calling different companies for quotes. A lot of the time, companies usually advertise their rates on their site, so it is always wise to check on there first.

charges for home removals
•    Find out if the company charges per hour, or if it is per flat rate. A lot of man with van companies charges hourly, making them inexpensive when it comes down to local moves. If the half day rate is around £80 and per hour, the company is charging £25, then you’re looking at a saving of around £30, which may not seem like a lot however it helps in the long run!

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