04Aug 2016
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Moving offices, just like moving domestic homes, can be a time-consuming, physical and emotional taxing task. First of all you have to find a suitable new place for offices, then you have to get approval from the powers that be, and then you have to put down a security deposit on the offices. After the realty side is taken care of, you then have to consider how you are going to physically transport everything in your soon-to-be old offices to your new one.

When it comes to domestic removals, you have three options: you could hire a Man with a Van service, a vehicle to drive yourself, or a removal firm. When it comes to commercial relocations, you really only have one option: hire a removal firm. The majority of Man and Van services use 3.5 tonne size vans to carry out removals. Fitting all the contents of your office into the back of one of those vans is an impossible task. Moreover, Man and Van services lack the labour power needed to move everything. Likewise, hiring out a vehicle to drive yourself also isn’t feasible. Although you may get a vehicle that is big enough, the service lacks the labour power needed to pack up the office contents and load up the van.

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Although you could, perhaps, use a Man and Van service or a vehicle self-drive service if you are moving from one small office to another. But if your office is a relatively big one, you are really only let with hiring out a removal service to do the job for you. They will provide you with plenty of employees to unload the content of your office into the van, and then drive that van to your new offices and unload everything again. There is no other service that offers both labour power and a suitably sized van.

So when it comes to searching for a removal service to carry out your commercial move, here a just a few things to look out for.

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1) Do the firm have commercial experience

Many domestic removal firms will offer a commercial removing service. But this may not mean that they experience in such a field. There are removal firms that specialise in commercial moves, and if you want the job done as efficiently as possible, you will probably be best served hiring out their service. But if you can’t find one of those firms in your area, then you’ll have no choice but to use the commercial service of removal firm. To find out whether they have experience in commercial moves, simply ask them: they’ll be more than happy to list their experiences and expertise when it comes to office removals.

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2) Get quotes from every possible business

Once you have found a suitable number of firms that can carry out the job, then it’s time to get quotes from them. Do not take the first quote you get as it most likely will not be the cheapest. But the price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor – it is up to you to balance quality against price.

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3) Ask them to come into your old offices

Asking them to come down to your old offices will give you a better impression of how good the service is. If you ask them what their plan of action on move-out day will be, if they can give you answers that will satisfy you, and you’re happy with the price they are quoting, it is time to book that company. If you are less convinced at what they say, it’s probably best to go with someone else.

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