23Feb 2016

You are in charge of ensuring that your house removal goes off smoothly

House Removal ServicesNow that your house hunting days are over and you have found the perfect new location for your family, it would be a good idea to contact Removal To on 020 8746 4418 for us to organize house removal solutions. All our years of experience with man and van packages will stand you in good stead when you make use of our expertise to do your move for you.

A short call to the removal company will ensure a meeting with us at your earliest convenience in the privacy if your own home. We would love to meet with you over a cup of coffee to discuss your man and van package. Relocation can be quite traumatic at times as it is very unnerving to have to rediscover your environment after spending a number of years at your present address. Many people dread having to move and will do anything they can to avoid it, but with us moving is a breeze, all you have to do, is plan it with our competent representative and choose the best man with a van package.

Depending on what removal services you have discussed with the representative we will do the man and van move for you. If you have agreed to it, we will send in a removal team of packers to your house a few days before the big move to make itineraries of all your goods. These highly trained removal company experts will pack all your belongings with quality packing materials, making sure that everything is properly packaged to ensure that there are no breakages or damage. All the goods in the home will be packed into quality cartons of various sizes. There will be no over- packing by the movers, which will mean that all your goods will travel safely and securely to your new address.

At the initial meeting, it would be discussed if we are to be placing your furniture for you when we get to the new location after the removal. If you have agreed to do this, the moving company would have to have a plan so that we can go ahead with the job on arrival at the new place.

House Removals LondonOn the day of the removal, our expert drivers will be at your house promptly as discussed. The drivers from our moving company are of top notch quality transporters and will make sure that your goods all get to the other side in perfect condition. Our skilled team of packers will proceed with the loading of the truck. They will load the removal services’ vehicles carefully in order to get the containers securely packed.

Once the house removals truck is loaded they will leave for the new location and with man with a van packages, you could see yourself more involved. On arrival at the new address they will proceed to unload the truck. Our professional team will then unload the large items of furniture first and place them according to your plan. Once this job is completed, they will then unpack all the containers for you as agreed. We will make sure that all the packaging is discarded and that there is as little mess as possible.

On your arrival at the end of the house removal, you would have to go through the house for inspection to see that everything is in place as discussed. Once you are satisfied with the job house removals we would expect payment. Call 020 8746 4418 and you will be paying for complete satisfaction, which means that we perform at our best at all times. Having had a taste of perfection regarding moving now, we trust that you would be more than happy to call us again if you ever had to move again or else forward the details of Removal To to your friends and family in order for us to help them make the best choice in movers as possible.


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