16Jul 2015

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So your man and van have left, you have had the mad rush of friends with cars, helping with loads, landlords, lease signings and goodness knows what. Now you are left with piles of boxes and an empty home in Belgravia. You are trying to resist the urge to unpack one bowl and spoon and one outfit and make do with those for the next few days. Try to resist, unpacking is the fun part and though you might want to put it off, you will really find the results of getting it done straight away, very pleasing.

1. Make sure things are clean. If you have moved into a home that is not clean, then its best to tackle that area first. Most of the time, however, you will rarely ever have to face this. Rental homes in SW1X are required to be to the best standard that they can be when new tenants move in and a home that you have bought should have been left in a reasonable state by the seller. Either way make sure you are working in a good blank canvas. Hopefully you instructed your moving company to place the correct boxes in the right rooms so you have less to sort out. If not then it’s a good idea to do this first so you can get to tackling one room of your home in Belgravia, SW1W at a time.

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2. Start with the hardest room first. There are probably more rooms you are dreading than others so it’s a good idea to get these done early. Otherwise you might risk never getting them done at all. A relocation  is a chance to start new so make sure you take the time to really organise and plan things. If you find you are getting lazy and throwing things in draws willy-nilly, then that’s probably a sign that you need to take a break.

room-by-room unpacking

3 Be realistic. You are probably not going to get everything done in one day, so set yourself a realistic time frame of when you would like to have things finished. Definitely make sure you have a few days booked off work so you can get organised and get the basics done. Make sure you get one room ready for you to relax in and preferably sleep in to make sure you can get fully rested before you need to start again. You will probably need the energy.

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4. Get help. Unpacking can be fun, especially when you get to the finishing touches. Friends will usually be happy to help and can be really useful when it comes to tedious stuff such as the kitchen and unwrapping bubble wrap. They will be able to give you some helpful pointers on what to put where.

get help with unpacking

5. Be careful when moving furniture. Take safety precautions for yourself when rearranging where you want large furniture pieces to go. Obviously you don’t want to do yourself any injuries. At the same time you also don’t want to end up scratching your new floors. If you can get your SW1W movers to help you put things in place before they leave then this will eliminate any heavy lifting, that’s why it’s a good idea to make a plan of where you want things to go before you even get started with your move.

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Unpacking is your chance to really put your own touch on things and bond with your new space in Belgravia. Taking your time can make it more enjoyable and ensure that things are exactly how you like them and will want them to stay for a while.

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