13Mar 2015

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There are many dangers involved in moving furniture in Finchley – not least of which to yourself. The manual labour involved can be oftentimes demanding and, if not handled with the proper precaution, can result in impairment of your property or, even worse, serious injury. But, having said that, there’s no need to approach relocation with fear or trepidation. Just taking a quick step back, and looking at what you may need to know to stay safe, can change expensive replacement and repair bills into a smooth and enjoyable process. Why put yourself at risk when this small and easy to digest guide can help set you on your way to safety in moving furniture? These tips could save you a lot of stress, money and pain:

furniture moving techniques

•    Proper Posture
Lifting things without the right approach can lead to agonizing back injuries, amongst other impairments. Before you even attempt to pick something up in the N2 area you should assess whether or not it’s appropriate. Particularly heavy furniture could benefit from being slid across the floor instead, aided by cardboard under points of contact (saving scratches or scuffs!). For those items in your home in Finchley, N3 that are smaller and require lifting, taking a little care in how you go about it can cut out a lot of aches for you later that day. Keep your load close to your waist to prevent strain on your spine. Try to maintain balance, and keep your back straight – it is also inadvisable you turn your body too drastically. When lifting and lowering your load, it is far better to kneel than bend.

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•    Don’t Push Yourself!
There’s no need to do things as fast as possible when it would gamble with your own health. If you rush, you’re likely to forget the aforementioned tips and could quickly hurt yourself. If you find yourself unable to hold onto what you’ve lifted whilst moving, don’t be afraid to put it back down and rest for moment. Keeping yourself safe is far more important than speed. Also, doing things alone means the logistics become both harder and more dangerous. Try speaking to friends and family and see if you can find help. Two heads are always better than one, and the ability to warn each other of potential problems could be essential.

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•    Safety in Transit
While your body is in considerable jeopardy through foolhardy conduct, it’s not the only thing that can be hurt over the course of furniture removal in the N3 district. The furniture itself can be broken if equal care isn’t taken with it. Try padding the walls with cushions or blankets to avoid any marks or knocks. But it’s in transport when your property is really at risk. Many movers neglect the importance of reliable and appropriate packing materials for their relocation, and the results can be both worrying and expensive. Smaller or more delicate items may require the use of bubble-wrap or paper based reinforcement. It could be best to seek professional removals help to advice you in the most up-to-date options for safety in transit. It would be more of an investment than you might at first think and, with moving being a stressful period already, the relief of your property’s security could be incredibly valuable.

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•    Outside Labour
With the safety of yourself and your property in Finchley of absolute concern, the best way to ensure this would be through looking into a removals company, and enquiring on their man and van deals. If you don’t feel capable or don’t have the time, these can do all the heavy lifting for you – they’ll even bring along the best aforementioned packing supplies for the job! Employing removals services is by far the most efficient choice for moving furniture.

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