26Jun 2015

broken crockery

It is a familiar and understandable fear – it is time to move house and you need to use a man with a van in Battersea, but what if your precious and valuable possessions get broken? How can you be sure that the removals company you select is going to care as much for your possessions as you do?

The answer to this question is fairly simple: if a removals company is still trading, it is safe to assume that they are not in the habit of dropping Faberge eggs from a great height on a daily basis. But these are your possessions, memories that you have spent a lifetime collecting, so faith in someone’s ability to do their job isn’t necessarily enough reassurance for you. So what can you do to make sure that the things that matter to you are safe and you don’t start your new life in your new house in Battersea, SW11 surrounded by broken pieces of crockery, furniture and mementos?

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You are in charge of packing your belongings for your move, so this is where you can make sure all of your most treasured items are protected from any unfortunate incidents during the move. The most important thing is to make sure you have collected your packaging materials in advance. Whether you are using new boxes and professional packaging materials, or reusing old ones, make sure you have more than you need upfront. It is more than possible that you will have forgotten to account for something on your moving checklist, and those extra few boxes can ensure that there will be no last minute panic when you run out of boxes before you run out of house to pack.

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Pack everything safely and securely; removals companies in SW8 can help with advice on this as well as physically helping. Remember they are professionals; it is their job to know the best way for you to pack and move items of all shapes and sizes.

Once you are all packed up and it is time to move, control may have to leave your hands, so don’t be afraid to take your time selecting the perfect removal service for your needs. Speak to neighbours, friends and colleagues who have recently moved house or needed to transport bulky items. A good removals company in Battersea will be remembered and people will be happy to recommend them.

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There are also many resources online for finding reputable moving companies, perhaps the most beneficial is to read through customer reviews. People on the internet are not scared to be honest and if someone has done a bad job, it will be mentioned. On the other side of that coin, helpful, reliable and cheap removal services in the SW11 area will be given excellent reviews.

It is not only professional help that can aid you in protecting your valuables and providing that much-needed reassurance as moving day looms. Call in favours from friends and family, people are always happy to help out a loved one in need, and it is likely that they will need the same help back from you in the future. When it comes to cleaning, packaging, and moving all of your possessions, a man and a van isn’t always enough, and having those close to you present to help you, protect your valuables and provide that much-needed reassurance when the inevitable paranoia sets in is invaluable.

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It is only natural to worry about your personal possessions when they are in the hands of somebody you don’t know, but as long as you are careful, patient and do your research well, there is nothing to worry about and you can look forward to a smooth moving day.

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