03Sep 2015

Common Things People Forget When Moving

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Moving to a new home is much easier if you have a moving checklist that’s filled with the tasks that you need to complete, and when they need to be done by. Ensuring that you have a moving checklist is a fantastic way to keep yourself organised right up to moving day, but it’s easy to forget certain tasks. Here’s a list of the top ten frequently forgotten items on moving checklists, so that you can be sure to add them to yours for a speedy and easy moving day!

1) Change of address.
Start by changing your address at your local Post Office, so that all of your post will be redirected. Make sure that you’ve changed your address with the Council in reference to your council tax, and ensure that insurance companies, utilities, doctors and your employer are also aware of the change.

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2) Packing your essentials.
It’s important to leave any essential items until the night before you move, so that you have them to hand when you need them. Items like these might include your toothbrush, mobile phone charger, clean clothes, medication, toiletries and anything that your children might need too.

3) Defrosting your fridge and freezer.
It’s easy to forget about your fridge and freezer with all of the packing and planning going on, but it’s important to make sure that this job gets done a few days before your move. Plan your meals carefully to use up any food that won’t survive the journey on moving day, and make sure you have plenty of time for your appliances to warm and defrost.

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4) Your end of tenancy clean.
Whether you own the property or you rent, it’s important to leave a clean home behind. Try to find a few hours to clean your house to avoid fines and fees. This will also help you to make sure that nothing you own has been left behind!

5) Items you may have missed.
You might find hidden belongings on moving day once you start moving furniture and appliances. Keep a box or bag behind to pack these items into so that you won’t lose anything!

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6) Documents.
Keep your documents to hand on the big day so that they don’t go missing! It’s easy to forget to do this, but having these documents will ensure that your move is fast and easy, without you needing to worry!

7) Unpacking plan.
Don’t just make a packing plan – make an unpacking one too! This is a fantastic way to make sure that your home is unpacked quickly, so make a realistic schedule of boxes to unpack per day, and try to stick to it!

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8) Organising work.
Try to book time off work for your move, as you don’t want the hassle of moving with a strict time limit! Speak to your employer in advance of your move to see what arrangements can be made.

9) Insurance.
Never forget to purchase insurance if you’ve hired a removals company! Add this to your moving checklist to guarantee that your items will be protected on moving day.

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10) Your first night.
With so much focus on moving day, it’s easy to forget about the first night in your new home. Add a plan to your checklist of what you need to unpack and what needs doing on your first night in your new home. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this can make!

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