13Nov 2020

Green Moving Tips

eco-friendly relocation

A house relocation can be done in any number of ways. Many of those ways include a lot of waste and dealing with leftovers and then making waste and throwing that away too once you are done. Before packing and after unpacking especially are the times when you spend quite a lot of time making all the rubbish that will go to a landfill and create pollutions. Instead, you could try to be more environmentally friendly and do your share of planet saving, especially when you and your man and van will be most responsible for the pollution.

Here are three things you can do to lower the environmental impact your relocation will have:


Recycle When Downsizing

When you start packing, naturally, you will not need every single thing you own. Also, a bit of downsizing will be the difference between hiring an entire team for house removals and getting a simple man with a van to do the moving with. But when you are downsizing, you create a big mess and when you do, you usually throw everything away. Well, you can try and not do that if you want to be green.

Sell, donate, give away, auction even. There are so many ways to get rid of belongings without throwing them away. And if you still have something left, you can separate the rubbish and check with your local recycling centre to see which of the items you actually can recycle. And only then should you even consider the landfill.

packing supplies

Reuse Items Instead of Buying Packing Supplies

Buying more packing supplies usually results in most of the mess you will be cleaning later. So instead of buying new boxes and later throw them away, you can instead browse your own home for substitutes to use. You can use newspapers and magazines instead of packing peanuts, you can use duct tape instead of sealing tape, you can use old crates from your cellar instead of boxes. There is no shortage of packing items you can use in order to replace boxes you will want to buy for moving house. All it is required of you is to think of ways to pack with things about your house. Even using sheets to wrap clothes instead of using plastic bags or boxes is an option. Tap into your creativity and see what you can come up with.

recycle packing materials

Recycle After Unpacking

And then you have the post-move period when you are getting rid of all the packing supplies. If you did not go through with the previous tip, now you will have a lot of cardboard boxes and stuffing and even moving blankets to take care of. Or even if you did, you can get rid of all the newspaper and crate leftovers, unless you have smarter DIY projects to use them in. This is, again, time to recycle smartly. Separate the rubbish as soon as the man with van team drop your things off and you unpack everything. Have a paper waste heap, a plastic heap, and whatever else type of heap you have resources for and contact your local clearance company to take care of them.

green house removals

Apart from all this, you could think of other ways to be green while moving home. For instance, you could hire a man with van service from an eco-friendly company. Or you can take the shortest roads to your new house to decrease petrol waste. The ways to help nature instead of polluting it are numerous. Simply dig down and see what your imagination tells you. The more you can come up with, the better.

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