13Nov 2020

How to Parking When Moving in London

parking regulations

When you decide on a relocation and take your removal van to London and you get ready to start living in the big city, you should probably be aware of the different parking regulations which you will be following if you are a driver, and especially if you are coming from a smaller town, one that has less cars and less traffic – and more parking space. Moving around in the big city is a challenge to everybody who is not used to the bigger traffic size, and you would be surprised, but parking is actually an even bigger one. It will be much more helpful if you are aware of the parking regulations in the capital. Read carefully after the house movers are done with their job and follow the rules:

parking laws

Parking By-Laws

As a London citizen, everybody should familiarise him- or herself with all the parking by-laws of the city. This is what creates better traffic flow and safer streets around the whole City. All the laws can be viewed on any of the London city’s websites, such as cityoflondon.gov.uk – it contains a link to the standard regulations and laws every driver within the City’s limits should be familiar with. While not so different than any other parking regulations, it would be best if you read them just in case.

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Around School Areas

One of the major issues with parking in the city is that everybody still seeks out the school zone and the parking there. Since there is no official parking area, regulated by a guard or a city official, this creates a big mess around the school areas and sometimes it ends up in a cluster that makes getting in or out of the school area by car a very difficult job. This is major problem to the safety, so please, if parking near schools, follow the signs and try not to take more than one space. Also, take notice of the No Parking signs, if you see any – not following them will result in the lifting of your car.

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Accessible Parking

And then there are the accessible parking stalls. Don’t rush in, you should be aware from common sense that those areas are for people with disabilities – only they, or a vehicle that has a handy-capable person on board can park in the stall. Also, be sure that the Accessible Parking Permit is placed in a visible position, otherwise a fine will be the least of your worries. Also, there are separate laws for people with disabilities for every municipality and borough, so wherever you go, you should familiarise yourself with the regulations before leaving the car unattended for too long.

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Overnight Parking

And then you have the overnight parking regulations which you need to read in case you want to leave your vehicle outside of a parking lot at night. The most important thing you should know is that roadways and shoulders are not places to park for more than 12 hours. In fact, most places outside of parking lots use this regulation, so don’t leave your car alone for too long.

Be smart when parking in London after a relocation from a smaller town. The City is no place to leave your guard down and you should be aware of the safety on the street at all times. Make sure you follow all laws and regulations or you might just find yourself stuck with a big juicy fine or a trip to get your car from the police lot. If you don’t agree with all these regulations... well, maybe you should have the moving company take you somewhere else.

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