15Jun 2016

Checklist For Moving Out For the First Time

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Moving house for the first time might seem stressful, but that is the case only if you don’t have a good moving checklist. Here is one to guide you through the relocation process.

Step 1. Who Should Be Informed About Your Move

•    Utility services: the electricity, gas, and water companies
•    Service providers: the phone company, the post office, internet and cable providers, and newspapers and magazines you are subscribed to
•    Financial parties: your lawyer and employer, your bank and credit card company, your insurance company and accountant (if you have one)
•    Health services: your dentist, your GP, your optician, and your veterinarian (if you have pets)

Step 2. The Planning – 2 Months Before Moving Day

•    Find a new home and secure its purchase / rent
•    Do a personal visit to the new home and make sure everything is in order
•    Choose a moving date and do not change it
•    Find a moving company that suits your needs and is available on moving day
•    Make work plans with your employer or look for a new job in the new area
•    Start thinking about packing supplies
•    Inform all relevant parties about the move (as described in Step 1)
•    Make sure you have storage options if needed
•    Start gathering documents about the move if you need them
•    Plan a going away party with friends and neighbours

Step 3. The Organisation - 1 Month Before Moving Day

•    Make final decision about the moving company and arrange a moving date with them
•    Call all service and utility providers and make sure everything will be transferred
•    Finish up with gathering packing supplies, it’s almost time to use them
•    Make sure you have made transport arrangements to the new home
•    Declutter to downsize moving gear
•    Send items to storage, if needed

Step 4. The Prepwork – 2 Weeks Before Moving Day

•    Start packing. Start with non-essentials
•    Remember to label boxes to make inventory easier
•    Confirm moving day with moving company
•    Arrange the school transfer, if you have a kid
•    Make sure the pet is ready for the move, do necessary immunisations
•    Confirm service transfers with service companies

Step 5. Finishing Touches. 2-3 Days Before Moving Day

•    Start packing essentials
•    Inform your boss about moving
•    Do end of tenancy cleaning, if you are renting
•    Throw a going away party

Step 6. Almost There! 1 Day Before Moving Home

•    Pack a first-day emergency box of essentials
•    Return the key to landlord
•    Make sure everything is packed

Step 7. Time to Move!

•    Wait for the arrival of your movers
•    Load all the boxes, make sure you have an inventory list
•    Double-check before departing
•    Travel safely to new location
•    Meet movers and unload boxes

Step 8. The Aftermath

•    Take all boxes to their rooms
•    Unpack the children’s room first
•    Use only the first-day box after moving in order to rest before fully unpacking
•    Make sure all services have been transferred / connected
•    Find a new GP
•    Inform family about your successful move

If you follow this moving checklist, you will practically cover all the problematic areas that people who move face every time. An organised move is an easy move, so when you are planning your relocation, plan thoroughly. You will have an easier time moving house and you will enjoy a less-stressful move with just a little bit of effort.

Proper organisation can save many moves. Sometimes pure chaos will be your worst enemy as panicking about the move will result in anxiety and stress. In many ways, the former is the cause for the latter, so if you take that out of the equation, your house relocation will go that much easier and that much better. And don’t forget about the party! It will take quite a lot of the stigma before your move and you will have an even better time during it.

Enjoy the new chapter of your life!

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