13Nov 2020

Essential Tips to Move Internationally

international removals

Lots of people make very large home removals moving often not only from one country to the other, however from one continent to the other. Moving locally or nationally at least means that you can possibly hire a removal company that is local to you, however when you are moving across water, it is wise to find a reputable company, something a little more bigger with a man with a van! There are certain ways to be able to do this and provided you source out the correct company. Moving house in London is quite simply because you always seem to get a decent deal within the M25 Borders, however if it is leaving the country, it is quite the challenge. Below are some valuable tips that are shared by us on how to find an array of moving companies that will be able to do this challenging task, successfully for you as well as what you should be expecting:

long distance relocation

•    An international removals company will get in touch with you to assess how large your move is in terms of distance travelled, country travelling to as well as the best methods and routes of transport. Moving to the USA would be much tougher than if it was a simple move to a country in Mainland Europe, simply because most of the goods would have to be sent a long way across the Atlantic, often by Air or Ship cargo as opposed to mainland Europe that would take a lot less time and often it would simply be by a truck driving or perhaps a container.

moving abroad
•    The major difference between a national or even local removals company in London is that the international one for quite obvious reasons would have extensive and in-depth knowledge of customs restrictions, levies, duties and requirements for each country because every country has different border documentation to be filled out and passed, before your belongings and goods are let into the country. It could be as simple that you had gone to Kenya for holiday once and picked up a set of local carved tribal knives as an antique to display on your mantelpiece and moving to say, Germany would cause a major issue with that, simply because bladed knives under any circumstance, are not allowed into the country. International removal companies are able to sort this entire situation out for you, with laser like precious to ensure a smooth and stress-free move for you.

insurance policy
•    The company should definitely have a secure loss, theft and damage insurance policy as part of their quotation to you. Part of the reason that so many people worry about their large home move out of London, is due to the fact that so many belongings, goods and shipments seem to go missing or are damaged during transit from one country to another. This is an essential feature when it comes to moving internationally and something that if the company does not mention during the initial inquiry, you are within your every right to ask about.

reliable moving company
Being able to find a company that is able to offer the above is imperative as well as finding out what accreditation’s the company has, as this will dramatically lower the chances of anything going wrong during your move. Let’s face it. It isn’t always easy to move and especially overseas, however when you have a checklist ensuring that your home moving is required to follow, life becomes much simpler. You owe it to yourself to be able to have a safe and smooth transition into your new life!

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